Automated notification

For those companies who are making many calls we offering automated notification service – Interactive voice response.

Automated notification allows you to deliver verbal message faster and cheaper to large quantity of customers and informs them about current special deals and offers and even congratulate customers with upcoming holidays.



  • Automated informing of large quantity of customers via your client database.
  • Essential economy of resources and time.
  • Possibility of creating different scenarios of auto informing which is depending of your tasks.
  • Personalization of the delivery of voice messages.
  • Possibility of tracking efficiency of the execution of tasks and their analysis via detailed statistics.

How does it work?


  • We are adjusting automated voice message with you (it can be notification of indebtedness, reminder of additional service or technical support etc.).
  • By using our telephone line we provide delivery of voice messages to target audiences
  • Auto informing can be reached to local phone numbers and also to cell phone numbers
  • Can be directly switched to the operator if required
  • We will provide you reports of accomplished work in the desirable form.

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