Colocation of your server and its equipment in our data center

Your company is growing and requires reliable connection channel with safety collocation of server?

Do you require reliable and safe storage of large amount of data?

Do you need a safe backup procedure?

Do you want to locate your server in secured place?



We are offering you to colocate your server in our innovative and professional data center and to have these advantages below:

  • Essential economy in cost
  • You can get high network connections which is obviously you couldn’t  afford in your office and with a cheap price
  • Freedom to decide
  • You can change or update your equipment your own and also install any kind of software you want. If your office is moving out the server will continue working and stay on its place.
  • High tech equipment

During the construction of our data center we used high tech equipment in order to do not pollute the environment. For the external lightning of our territory and building we using solar panels with accumulator storage device which is parallel with public electricity network and it helps us to save 1,86 MW per month.

Our data center has its own standby power system and high speed independent internet channels that allows your equipment to be always available for you and for your customers.

General data Description

Floor area of data center:

810 sq m

You can control your server in the remote mode in any place of the planet, restart it, change operating system and also set any settings you wish

Number of rack cabinets:

More than 75

Professional technical support

Permitted rate of work – 1100 kw

Our employees can provide any necessary consultations for maintaining your server

Electricity supply 2nd category (reserve line of electro transmission)

Monitoring of all system operations

Data transmission channel – until 80 GB per second

We are using host system for controlling and monitoring data center which is – APC Struxture Ware


Service name Tariff

Colocation of equipment for 1U:

20 500 tenge

Connection and maintenance:

3 000 tenge

Cold reserve:

12 500 tenge