IT Outsourcing

Outsourcing – Usage of external resources and transferring of specific business-processes or production functions of services for organizations especially based on agreement specialized in correspondence of specific field.

As distinct from services and support which is having front rent character and its limit in the outsourcing commonly transferring functions on professional technical support based on long-term contract.

The main source of economy in outsourcing is increasing efficiency of organization and to set free organizational, financial and human resources in order to develop new fields or concentrate in the most important projects required over care.

We offering services on maintaining, providing software and equipment also we are giving you the possibilities to use latest technologies.

Possibilities of IT-outsourcing:


  • Minimize the cost, obtainment and development of IT-infrastructure
  • Ensuring good level of competence of the personnel that serving IT infrastructure
  • Reduction of time of performance of tasks on modernization and restructuring of IT infrastructure
  • High level infrastructure support
  • IT-consulting or IT-audit can be organized

Advantages of IT-outsourcing:


  • Decreasing the cost by third on IT-infrastructure, taxes, salaries and also internal resources of company can be reduced
  • Increasing the quality of received goods or services on account of concentrating in company’s missions and visions by using high technologies
  • Decreasing the risks of uncontrollable factors
  • Increasing the force of attraction of the company