IVR (Interactive voice respond)

The usage of IVR (Interactive voice respond) effective in huge companies and also in small businesses.

IVR for huge companies or organizations allows you to decrease expenses on typical processes of informational requests such as:

  • Shop addresses, their branches and outlet points
  • How to make payment for the services or products
  • Delivery terms
  • Rules and regulations of the returning of product
  • The status of the personal account of the customer
  • Terms and conditions of the participation in the market
  • Status of the participant for wagering of gifts
  • Payment for commodities or credit cards services in the automatic mode etc.

For small businesses IVR helps you to create “huge company effect” even if there are few calls per day or even if you don’t have your own permanent office yet.



  • We will quickly build IVR with a minimum expenses.
  • You will pay for incoming calls only.
  • Calls are processed 24/7 in automatic mode without your participation.

How does it work?


  • We will create a voice menu that will provide options for clients such as: sales support, account department, purchasing department etc. Each branch of this menu will connect client with employee of the department.
  • Additional settings allows client to leave a voice message or fax which will be send to your email in a desirable format.

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