“KT Cloud Lab” signed technological partnership with “Nutanix” company

KT Cloud Lab signed technical partnership with “Nutanix” company and using their technology for constructing cloud infrastructure in order to provide wide computing resources in the cloud service or by using standard terminology – IaaS – as a service. Computing (calculating) resources are located in the company’s own Data Center which is located in FEZ ITP Alatay and has Tier-ll certificate and also 2 independent data transfer channels with two different utility connections.

The general task of the service is to launch virtual machine for every copy of application. The management of the infrastructure carried out by supplier (KT Cloud Lab) the client has to control operating system and applications only.  

Distinctive feature of KT Cloud Lab company service is the possibility of its complete customization under the client. The client decides for himself the number of the virtual machines that he needs and selects the required quantity of main cores such as capacity of random access memory and storage. After that our specialists from KT Cloud creating required IT environment, including network settings, and the client receives prepared infrastructure within 1 day! The guest operating system can be selected from the wide list of different Linux and Microsoft Windows distribution kits. Cloud environment can easily be scaled by change of the resources allocated for virtual computers if it is necessary.

The company owns not only Data Center but also transmission channels so that KT Cloud Lab has an opportunity to organize the protected network environment which is an additional important factor for corporate clients. Your applications dedicated in the environment which can be selected your range of IP addresses, and you can decide which one of them have Internet access and which one has to stay isolated. Already prepared IT infrastructure can be connected to resources via virtual private cloud on the standard protected VPN channels. As a result the client receives complete control over the cloud infrastructure which launched in the trusted computing environment on the “Nutanix” platform.

The developed tariff policy is the completely transparent for clients and it depends on cost of the used main cores, capacity of a random access memory and storage. Thus, the client always pays only for the used capacities. The possibility of operating the scope of consumed resources on usage realizes the concept of elasticity.

Not the only SMB companies can be users of this service but also enterprise customers for whom additional computing resources are necessary for placement of the applications can be users of service as well. Collection of this kind of factors such as placement of all infrastructure in the data-center of Tier-II, is the possibility of the organization to use protected network environment and use of a reliable platform for applications.

The Nutanix Company is the leader in production and delivery of hyper-convergent decisions for application on corporate sector. According to the report of IDC, Nutanix takes 52% in the market. The client data base consists from more than 3000 companies of all sectors and verticals, including military, financial, energy and production fields. The main concepts of hyper-convergent architecture is the failure from the selected storage systems and creation of all infrastructure with the usage of servers on the basis of x86 processors which integrate in a uniform computing cluster by means of specially developed software which also includes the built-in environment of virtualization. SSD and HDD of all servers of a cluster integrated in a united pool of data, actualizing distributed system of storage, high performance and fail safety. Such approach allows eliminating excessive complexity of traditional decisions with SAN, providing at the same time simplicity in servicing and also very high-productive and reliable infrastructure for start of any corporate applications on the Tier-I level. The concept has been initially developed by Google, Amazon and Facebook and such architecture is used today in the data-center of any provider of “cloud” services, including Microsoft Azure which process and store more than 70% of volumes of world data.

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