Cloud PBX

Cloud PBX is an IP PBX that is located in the cloud in the operator’s servers. You can install it without PBX software, and you don’t need phone wires. Hosted PBX operates only on the basis of the existing network and allows you to take your office anywhere in the world.

Cloud PBX – Is a service for small and also for huge companies that provides IP telephony with the possibilities bellow:

  • Client queuing service
  • Additional types of services
  • Conversation records
  • Mobility of employees
  • Expenses on connection

Advantages of service:


  • Quick start of the company: Cloud PBX allows to decrease expenses and push on the new company to the market. By maintaining the solution by simple interface you can directly use phone connection and services.

  • Office 24×7: None of your incoming calls will be missed. The calls and voice messages always will be reached to you no matter where is your location.

  • Slowdown in expenditure for calls: Due to VoIP technology long-haul communication can be decreased. Different providers can be used for different directions that allow you to save your funds.

  • Communication tools and functions of call center: Cloud PBX will provide modern communication technologies for the company that will increase efficiency and operation of work.

  • Scalability: You can decrease or increase the quantity of users at any time. Hereby if the quantity of users will be increased then you don’t have to spend your budget for additional equipment.

  • Mobility of employees: You can make calls, deal with clients or make conferences from any place where the Internet or mobile connection is available. If you connect your laptop to the Internet you can receive calls and have the conversation with your comrades like being in office.

Benefits of Cloud PBX service


  • For start-up companies: This service can completely provide start-up company with telephone connection and functionality of telephone station. Company will get direct phone number, access to cheap and quality telephone connection and also with the help of incoming calls converge clients can always reach you.

  • For Individual Businessmen: Even if you do not have your own office, you can have your own virtual telephone station. Clients can reach to your telephone station and your secretaries can answer calls via local phone, mobile phone and Internet (even being at home). If you purchase direct phone number you can redirect it to any number you wish to.

  • For region companies – The service allows you to open your own virtual agency in any city or country. You have to purchase telephone number in the city or country where you want to open virtual agency and connect IP to virtual telephone station. It will help company to increase efficiency of business communication with clients and partners abroad. Limitation of phone numbers depends on the license package.

  • For companies with branches: Users of Cloud PBX working in the united communication space no matter where they are located. It gives possibilities for branch companies such as: decreasing communication expenses, efficiency of productivity, free calls between employees in different branches and single contact number for the main office of the branch company.

  • For big companies: Giant companies that have developed information-infrastructure we offer installation and maintenance of equipment in the company’s office. Due to flexible architecture, Cloud PBX can be easily integrated with other solutions. For instance, you can improve functionality of your telephone station or you can combine all office PBX’s in to single network.

How does it work?


  • The traditional office equipment of PBX will be installed in the customer’s office and telephones of employees will be connected to the PBX portal. The functional service will be carried out by one of your responsible employee or specialist can be invited from other side.

  • The possibility of changing the location of telecommunication equipment can be done if it is IP connection. Equipment can be placed in the customer’s office or provider as well.

  • The fundamental of Cloud PBX has multichannel number which is not attached to the certain address and will be saved in case you move out to new office. The calls will be processed by virtual telephone station.

  • You can maintain your services, preview calls statistics, working with voice mail and listen to records at any time through comfortable interface

  • Every user of Cloud PBX can set the list his contact numbers. The contact list may have fixed phone network, cell phone and also IP-numbers (SIP URI). When you calling to the worker the system automatically dialing to his contact number depending on settings.