Accounts due from customers

Correctly dedicated work with accounts due from customers gives you the possibility that client will return his debt in order to save his loyalty.

In this case delicate skills of our professional operators will help you a lot.

Work with debtors will allow you to:


  • Improve the rights of payment.
  • Increase of profit income.
  • Receive feedback grades from client.
  • Creating adequate solution for the debtor in order to make him loyal customer for your services.
  • To ensure deduction of customer’s database.
  • To focus future growth of your company.

How does it work?


Accounts due from customers can be organized in three ways:

  • IVR notification – debtor will receive a call from automated system, which is informs customers about their debts, it will describe them the amount of it, it’s deadline and explain them instruction on how to pay their debts.
  • Operators call-down – our employees will privately call to your customers and remind them their debts and find out its reason.
  • Combined usage of IVR-notification and operators calls – first step is that customer receiving a call from automated system. For those who will not respond within a specific period will deal with an operator. You will receive a result of work with remarks and facts of dial-in and also with all comments from customers.

The cost of service depends on:


  • Specific tasks from consumer.
  • Possibility of consumers provision and updates of the clients.
  • Provision to the contact center operators possibilities of the customer’s ranked loyalty.

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