VPS (Virtual private server)

VPS – is compromise solution on price and opportunities between virtual hosting and renting of physical server. The web site of the client will be located in the different field with defined quantity of server resources. It makes it independent and more stable comparing to simple virtual hosting.

VPS is well-suited for huge web sites and substandard projects which is requiring special software solution and declared capability.

VPS – is a type of hosting in which Virtual private server can be provided to the customer. In terms of controlling the operating system mostly VPS corresponds to private physical server because it is representing emulation work of physical server on one server.

The VPS client of virtual server can install applications, working with files and execute any tasks same as in simple server but on the different machine.

VPS – is affordable solution on using resources and capabilities and its characteristics same as private physical server but with an opportunities with flexible settings. VPS has 4 tariff plans they are different in hard disc capacity, capability of CPU and RAM memory.

Technical characteristics:


  • Operating systems: Linux/Windows;
  • Hard disc capacity: from 5 to 50 GB;
  • Guaranteed CPU capacity: form 500 to 3000 Mhz;
  • Guaranteed RAM capacity: form 512 to 3072 Mb.