Selected groups of operators

Selected groups of operators – this is your own contact center which is created by our company. We are taking care of recruiting, training and testing of the specialists.

You will receive necessary tools for controlling the work of groups:


  • Online access to the statistics of calls.
  • Online and remote listening-in of conversations.
  • Receiving required information by SMS and Email in a desirable format.
  • Tracking of operators work and personal efficiency in a real-time.
  • Possibility to carry out statistics on general activities (KPI):
    • Service level
    • Abandon rate
    • Average talk time
    • Average after call work
    • Agent utilization

Why it is beneficial than creating your own contact center:


  • By using already operated call center you will not invest for servers, software and technologies.
  • By using our performances and experience you can build useful business-processes, standards and procedures for your company or organization.
  • You can exclude the risk of creating more or less work places because you won’t be able to know the rate of unexpected incoming calls.
  • We are always optimizing our expenses – You are saving your budget with us!

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We are working without breaks and weekends – 24 hours per day 7 days per week.