Advanta PMS

An information system for project and business management that links the achievement of business goals, projects and operational activities of the company into a single whole, effectively solves the problems of medium and large enterprises, holding companies, financial organizations, government bodies, telecommunications companies in organizing project portfolio management , individual projects and tasks. Project management departments will find in it all the necessary tools and tools for organizing collaboration (document flow, knowledge base, approvals, CRM and corporate social networking tools: online discussions, likes, live events, etc.)

Advantages of the service

Interaction with the project team in real time

Project management systems, as a rule, contain communication tools that provide communication for the project team in real time. The advantage is that each team member can resolve issues as they become available.

Ability to manage risks, forecasts and budgets

Identifying project risks, making forecasts and controlling budgets is one of the main advantages of project management systems.

Project cost management

Project cost management is one of the most important benefits of project management. Project management systems usually contain functionality that will help manage project costs.

Document circulation

For projects that use a large amount of documentation, the workflow functionality allows employees to edit, update report statuses and create presentations that provide communication and visibility.


With flexible report formats and the ability to quickly access the necessary data, the project management system will help you complete tasks on time.

Ease of use

Software built using control panels, practically does not require training before starting work. Easy to use and install project management systems allow you to quickly increase their effectiveness.

        On the basis of Advanta in one organization, you can simultaneously deploy a number of functional solutions by creating a universal task management system, for example, organizational projects (for reorganizing companies), investment projects (construction and reconstruction of production facilities, equipment modernization, development and improvement of products), financial projects ( designed to continuously monitor the financing of project activities) and much more. At the same time, on the basis of Advanta, a large number of industry-specific and functional solutions are already ready to use.