Cloud services based on the DP.NET.SSP solution “Universal Communication Node” is an interconnection of communication services with modern telematics services and assistance for small companies and private individuals that replace the need to purchase mini office ABX.

Services and assistance of the Cloud ABX “Universal Communication Node” are connected to any compatible device: computer, tablet or phone. Call with one click from familiar environment.


  • Telephony cost reduction, up to 70% monthly;
  • Savingon the cost of operation;
  • Absence of huge expenses for the purchase of ABX
  • The customer purchases and places client equipment on his area (telephone devices, voice gateways);
  • ExistingLAN of the customer is used;
  • The number of simultaneous connections is unlimited;
  • Organization ofnew offices and growth of the number of staff is easy to scale with minimal costs;
  • Single internal numbering plan is used during distributed branch of offices;
  • Change of the settings (reconfiguration) is performed remotely;
  • Ability to integrate with mobile networks.

Our distinctive features from other existing solutions in the field of cloud ABX:

  • Fault tolerance ofservices is 95%;
  • Own solution, which is the development of Russian engineers, has a certificate of compliance of theMinistry of Communications of Russia;
  • Active agreement on the omission of telephone traffic with leading world Operators;
  • Own package of licenses for Operator activities;
  • Aimat the business result of customers.

We provide ready solutions that will be useful for companies of all sizes. Our specialists will develop an optimal communication scheme for your business, depending on the number and time of incoming calls, number of staff, budget and other features.

Also, LLP KT Cloud Lab offers ABX “Universal Communication Node”, configured for the technical task of the client. It is an ABX that does not have built-in licenses and restrictions on the form-factor of performance in advance (Rack or Tower).