Looking for additional income? Start your Infobusiness today! Use convenient work tool on existing base of telephone network! Get additional income from provision of consultative – referential services and entertainment services, provide paid service support of your business with Premium rate.

Premium rate – communication service for paid support of customer services. It provides an opportunity to obtain additional income by providing consulting and reference services and entertainment services to clients. The service is a convenient tool for working on the basis of the existing telephone network.

Who is interested?

  • Radio stations and TV companies.
  • Providers of entertainment services, content providers.
  • Reference and consulting, insurance, tourism, transport, legal and consulting companies.
  • Trading organizations, retail trading networks, the distributors with the developed dealer network, industry enterprises.
  • Highly qualified specialists: doctors, psychologists, lawyers, etc.
  • Owners of information and reference resources.

Advantages of the service

The amount of payment of the traffic you determine yourself

You are provided with a a single number in the format


XXXX – number assigned to you or service

Organization of the service is possible in any region of Kazakhstan

Cost savings. It does not require the purchase of expensive equipment. You can use the simplest telephone sets

Useful functions. Forwarding, multi-channel number, call filtering depending on the outgoing direction

Reliability. The connection always remains stable, does not depend on weather conditions and other external factors

Flexibility. Manage incoming calls regardless of the time of day, days of the week, the location of the caller

Technical opportunities of Premium Rate:

Single number

Call forwarding based on time

Queue organization

Call filtration depending on the outgoing direction