Cloud PBX – is effective service that allows small and medium businesses organize qualitatively telephone network in short period of time and start work today!

Wherein company does not bear the costs on technical escort of telephone stations, but pays only for consumed network service.

We offer abundant set of services, beginning from simple services with minimal costs and ending with flexible compound of services, it depends on client’s needs.

Our consultants will help you to decide with necessary volume and set of services organized by Cloud PBX, engineers of our company will consult you on technical question. Cloud PBX – ready solution on provision of telephony of your entrepreneurial activity.

Free services, available in every package (Lite, Pro, Enterprice):

  • Unlimited calls;
  • Online video connection;
  • Personal internall number;
  • New downloads from our website.

Beneficial and comfortable services:

  • Urban, suburban calls with beneficial tariffs;
  • Personal urban number, including various types of connection;
  • Organization of cloud telephone station with necessary amount of internal numbers;
  • Use of automatic secretary functions;
  • Accidence and service of your existing telephone numbers in personal “cloud” network.

To work with Cloud PBX you will need:

  • Internet connection;
  • Microphone and headphones or hardware SIP telephone;
  • Also, you can use possibility to have a video calls, for this you will need to just connect video camera to your computer or use already built – in;
  • For communications in Cloud PBX you can use you comfortable and habitual device, for example mobile Android / iPAD / iPHONE smartphone, tablet, loptop;
  • Always be on connection with Cloud PBX!

With family, at country house or at office with colleagues. Network connection Cloud PBX can be used anywhere, all you have to do is just to connect it to your computer, smartphone or tablet. We advise you to use broadband access to internet. It will provide the best quality of telephone and video calls. In case of portable and mobile devices, use Wi-Fi or packages of service from operators.

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