«Universal switching node»

LLP «KT Cloud Lab» offers effective telephone installation solution for you company – «Cloud PBX» DP.NET.SSP «Universal switching node».

Cloud PBX is an office telephone exchange built using the most modern technologies and located on the servers of the operator. To install a cloud PBX is not required to buy telephone exchange equipment. Also, there is no need to lay new telephone lines, there is no additional telephone wiring inside the office. Virtual PBX works exclusively on the basis of the existing network and allows you to create an office or workplace anywhere in the world.

Cloud services based on the DP.NET SSP “Universal Switching Node” solution is a telephone communication service for companies that replaces a physical office PBX and even a call center. The client (company) receives full use of an IP PBX physically located in the cloud of KTCL and pays the cost of connecting the service or the subscription / rental fee for using it on an ongoing basis at a time.

All services are connected by means of remote access via the Internet.

The services and services of the Cloud PBX “Universal Switching Node” are connected to any compatible device: to a computer, tablet or phone. Call with one touch from the usual environment. 

Advantages of the service

We offer a ready-made convenient software product, as well as services for installing and configuring the service on your servers.

Reducing the cost of telephony, up to 70% per month

Savings on operating costs

Lack of capital costs for the acquisition of PBX

The customer purchases and places only terminal client equipment (telephone sets, voice gateways) on their premises

The customer’s existing LAN is being used

The number of simultaneous connections is not limited

With the organization of new offices or an increase in staff, it is easily scaled with minimal costs

Changing settings (reconfiguration) is performed remotely

In the presence of a distributed network of offices, a single internal numbering plan is used

Ability to integrate with mobile networks

How does it work

The equipment of traditional office PBX is installed at the customer’s office, and the telephone sets of employees are connected to the ports of the PBX. Equipment maintenance functions are assigned to one of the company’s employees, or third-party specialists are invited.

When using IP-based communication technologies, it is possible to choose the placement option for telecommunications equipment. Equipment can be placed both in the office and at the service provider.

The basis of the Cloud PBX is a multi-channel number, which is not tied to a specific address and will continue when moving to a new office. Calls to this number will be processed by a virtual telephone exchange.

Using a convenient interface, you can customize services and services at any time, view call statistics, work with voice mail, listen to recorded calls.

Each user of the Cloud PBX can specify a list of their contact numbers. The list may include any telephone of fixed networks, mobile networks, and also IP numbers (SIP URI). When you call an employee, the system automatically dials to his contact numbers depending on the rules you set.

Our distinctive features from other existing solutions in the field of cloud PBX:

Fault tolerance of services 99.95%

Own solution, which is the development of Russian engineers and has a certificate of conformity of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Media of Russia

The current agreement on the transmission of telephone traffic with the leading operators of the whole world

Own package of licenses for operator activity

Focus on the business result of customers

The benefits of the service “Cloud PBX”

We provide turnkey solutions that will be useful for companies of all sizes. Our specialists will develop the optimal communication scheme for your business depending on the number and time of incoming calls, the number of staff, budget and other features.

  • For young companies

This service will fully provide the young company with telephone communication and office telephone station functionality. The company receives a direct city telephone number, access to affordable and high-quality telephone communication, and thanks to the flexible system of call distribution, customers can always get through.

  • For private entrepreneurs

Even if you do not have an office, you can have your own virtual telephone exchange. Clients will be able to reach the telephone station via the city contact number, and the secretaries (including those working at home) will receive the call on a mobile or home phone, or on a computer via the Internet. Having received a direct city number, you can set up call forwarding to any phone number.

  • For companies from regions

The service allows you to open a “virtual” office in any city and even country. To do this, you must purchase a phone number in the desired city and connect it via IP to a virtual telephone exchange. This will allow the company to improve the efficiency of business communications with customers and partners abroad. The number of contact phone numbers is limited only by the size of the purchased license package.

  • For companies with branches

Users of “Cloud PBX” work in a single communication space regardless of where they are located. This opens up a number of opportunities for affiliated companies: – reducing communication costs and increasing work efficiency – free calls between employees in different branches – a single contact number for the head office and branches.

  • For large companies

For large companies with a developed information infrastructure, the company offers installation and configuration of software and hardware in the office of your company. Thanks to the flexible architecture, Cloud PBX easily integrates with other solutions. For example, you can significantly expand the functionality of your office telephone exchange or merge all existing PBX systems into a single network.