This service is created for those who need their own contact center to work in the office, but do not have enough resources to create it. We offer a profitable (budgetary) option – renting our technologies, which you can use in your office, at home or in another convenient place for you

Advantages of the service

No need for capital investment in technology, software and servers

You save money on technical support of hardware and software

We take care of your contact center, leaving you to care only for your customers

You independently control the IVR tree (voice menu)

You listen to call records and control statistics

You can set forwarding of calls to stationary or mobile phones and it depends on IVR branch that is selected by customer

Ability to organize voice conferences and other functions of a full contact center

You get full functionality:

  1. Call service statistics and KPIs;
  2. Service level;
  3. Abandon rate;
  4. Average talk time;
  5. Average after call work;
  6. Agent utilization;
  7. Complete call record.