Digitization of documents is the process of scanning and subsequent cataloging of all documents of an organization. Competent processing of questionnaires and entering personal data are the most important step towards effective communication with consumers, and, fast and accurate digitization of documents leads to the introduction of electronic document management in the company. With the help of modern equipment, our specialists will ensure the correct scanning of documents, entering data from questionnaires and converting them into digital form.

Advantages of the service

Clearly defined processes for optimizing, streamlining procedures and significant time savings

Easy and convenient integration with CRM, ERP and DMS systems

Automated processes, including barcode recognition, the need for end-user intervention is minimized

High flexibility of document processing and conversion to Word , Excel , PDF / A, JPEG 2000 and other formats

Stages of service:

Determine the required amount of data for digitization.

Determine the technical capabilities of the service.

Sign the contract.

Install the necessary equipment.

All the digitization work is done by our specialists on the customer’s premises.