Dedicated groups of operators (customer service managers) are employees of the contact center who are ready to provide round-the-clock support to your client through all communication channels. They work with questions of any complexity, since they have access to all the resources necessary for processing the request.

Dedicated groups of operators provide a full cycle of customer support from processing incoming requests and providing timely feedback on them, to technical support and reporting on all received requests.

The advantages of the service are more beneficial than creation of your own contact center.

Advantages of the service

Using a ready contact center, you do not make any capital investments in servers, software and technologies

Using our groundwork and experience, you build the necessary business process, standards and procedures

Without knowing in advance what will be the number of calls you exclude the risk of building too little or too many jobs

We constantly optimizing our costs – you save with us

You get all the necessary tools to control the work of the group:

On-line access to call statistics

Distance listening of conversations

Reception of the necessary information via SMS and e- mail in a format that is convenient for you

Tracking the load and personal effectiveness of operators in real time

Ability to conduct statistics by key indicators (KPI):
  • Service level
  • Abandon rate
  • Average talk time
  • Average after call work
  • Agent utilization