Digital Country Net is a Russian company, telephone station manufacturer, partner of KT Cloud Lab. Digital Country Net introduced telephony solutions for the Federal Research Center “Nemchinovka” in Skolkovo. The network is built on equipment of a Russian manufacturer and it is cheaper than other foreign solutions.

“The constructed network allows to integrate all departments and branches of the company into a common voice data network worldwide”, – noted Evgeny Opeskin, CEO of Digital Country Net, LLC.

The basis is a personalized SSP solution “Universal Switching Node”, which performs the tasks of the coordinator mechanism with the network. It is a domestic analogue like Avaya or Cisco, but significantly more affordable.

Previously, a digital IP PBX was tested in the regional center of EMERCOM of Russiaand in the prosecutor’s office of Karelia. Experts of the Agency for Strategic Initiatives (ASI) approved the project “PAC” “Universal Switching Node”in 2014.

With the participation of ASI, a working interaction was built with the Ministry of Communications of Russia, which proved the functionality of the PAC for the construction of local telephone communications and large communication centers. In addition, ASI supported the project in demonstration and testing in holdings and regions of the Russian Federation.

The development helped to reduce the costs of companies. The line is insured by reliable encryption algorithms and data access verification from foreign sources. The software does not contradict the norms and standards of Roskomnadzor and the FSB of Russia. The softwarealso passed certification.

Currently, several companies in Kazakhstan use the Cloud PBX service based on a universal switching node, having concluded an agreement with KT Cloud Lab.

You can use the service “Cloud PBX” by leaving a request or directly contacting the sales department by phone +7 (727) 390 – 97 – 90.