Service for receiving customer calls to a multi-channel call center telephone. As part of a telephone conversation, consumers receive the most detailed information, ask questions that interest them, and also order goods or services. Upon request, we will develop and implement a script that will allow operators not only to process incoming calls, but also successfully engage in the sale of your goods and services.

Hot line – you are always in touch with your customers, aware of all their problems, suggestions and wishes.

Advantages of the service

You save your time and expenses associated with the organization of high-quality telephone customer support

You get an effective tool to increase customer base and sales

Your customers receive high quality service

You get the number of the format 8-800, in Almaty – the number in the format 2975xxx.

We set up an automatic voice menu, record the greeting approved by you.

Create a knowledge base for frequently asked questions and answers.

We train and carry out certification of operators.

Calls are received for 24/7.

We fix new questions, complaints and promptly forward them to your responsible managers.

We keep a record of all conversations, statistics of calls and provide a detailed report in a convenient form for you.