IVR is an interactive voice service, the service is intended for mass informing the population by calling the target customer base. You can choose any of the cities and regions of Kazakhstan. The subscriber base has more than 4.5 million telephone numbers

For large companies IVR will reduce the cost of processing typical information requests, such as:

  • Addresses of shops, branches or outlets;
  • How to pay for a service or product;
  • Terms of delivery;
  • Payment for goods or services by credit card in automatic mode and much more.
  • Return policy;
  • Status of the subscriber's personal account;
  • Terms of participation in the marketing action;
  • Prize participant status;

For a small business, IVR will help to create “big company effect” even with several calls a day and absence of a permanent office.

Advantages of the service

We will build IVR quickly and at minimal cost

You only pay for those calls that you received

Calls are processed 24 hours a day in automatic mode without your participation

We will build a voice menu, in which the client will be asked to connect with sales, accounting, purchasing, etc. Each such branch of the menu will connect the caller with the phone of the corresponding specialist.

Additional settings allow the client to leave voicemail or send a fax, which will then be sent to you via e-mail in a convenient format.