Introduction of new services of the Republican contact center “JSC Kazakhtelecom”

“JSC Kazakhtelecom” has been launched Republican contact center in 2013 based on affiliate organization called “KT CL” with regional areas in Almaty, Astana and Karagandy cities.

More than 400 operators that work in the united program complex are consulting the information across whole Republic of Kazakhstan that allows processing more quantity of incoming and out coming calls. 

Operators of the Republican contact center are working twenty-four-hours, everyday and without day offs, processing more than 1 000 000 calls per month across whole country. Call acceptance operating in two languages Kazakh and Russian via short number 169. Additional information is available on web site.

Due to creation of union database “JSC Kazakhtelekom” customers, cell phone operators and other operators can get any referral information across whole Republic. Before it was limited due to location of customers (each state had its own database). It is means that customer can get the information in any state and about any state of Republic and World.