Kaspersky DDoS Protection provides reliable protection of your business from DDoS attacks – starting with analysis of traffic in 24×7 mode, sending notifications of a possible attack and subsequent redirection of traffic, cleaning it and returning “cleaned” traffic to your website and ending with providing a report with the results of the analysis of the past attack

Unlike other vendors’ systems, Kaspersky Lab’s solution counteracts DDoS attacks in two ways:

  • Special protection infrastructure - application-sensor installed in your infrastructure, and a distributed global system for cleaning traffic belonging to Kaspersky Lab;
  • DDoS-analytics of Kaspersky Lab (Kaspersky DDoS Intelligence ) - botnet activity monitoring for early detection of DDoS attacks.
Kaspersky DDoS Protection is a fully integrated solution that includes all the necessary tools to protect your business against DDoS attacks:

Special sensor application – installed in your IT infrastructure.

Access to a fault-tolerant distributed network of traffic-clearing centers.

The services of our Security Center.

Extended support – including direct access to experts of protection against DDoS attacks.

Analysis and reports on the results of the attacks, extended analytical data on DDoS attacks.

All these services are provided under the Service Agreement.