The service on a high-tech contact center base, where the operator can conduct marketing and social surveys on the customer’s contact base or on the basis of the existing company

What does it include?
  • Telephone sales
  • Marketing and sociological surveys
  • Soft collection service
  • Quality control
  • Auto-information

Advantages of the service

Telephone sales

 You get additional sales channel for professionally trained negotiators

Marketing and social surveys

 The ability to handle more than 30 thousand calls per day

Soft collection service

Increase payment discipline

Quality control

You get an effective tool for creating public opinion about your company


Call a large number of subscribers by your phone database in automatic mode


Providing the client with the opportunity to order a callback from the website connecting him to the contact center operator

Updating databases

Information regularly becomes outdated — addresses, phone numbers, employees change, and thus begins to lose value. You can solve this problem by regularly updating the databases

Create and coordinate with you a database of potential customers.

Training of specialists for your project.

Call potential customers of your company and identify the need for services or goods.

Consultation on the product and, if necessary, acceptance of the order by a specialist.

Preparation of a detailed report on the work done in a convenient form for you.

Individual approach to each project and budget.

Guarantee of complete confidentiality of all client data.