Reception of any calls, service of all communication channels: voice, video, email, skype, chat, social networks (facebook, twitter, telegram), service on a high-tech platform, where the operator consults each applying for a product customer or service with minimal loss of calls and unworked calls

Types of incoming calls:
  • Hot line
  • Help desk
  • Internet portal service
  • Receiving and processing orders

Advantages of the service

Cost reduction

Savings on rent of placement and on the salary of employees. Absence of expenses on providing telephony and computer infrastructure.

Time saving

You do not need to spend time on searching, training and daily monitoring of employees who will answer your customers’ phone calls.

Professional approach

Your customers receive a response 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and their requests are processed quickly, competently and effectively.

Objective evaluation of results

You can easily compare spent money with the results. And, if necessary, adjust your marketing policy.

Submitting report

Report is provided in any form that is convenient for you.

Registration of number in format 8-800 …, or use of the current number

IVR menu setting

Creating a knowledge base on frequently asked question

Reception of calls 24/7

Fixation of new questions, answers and consultations, forwarding calls to the second line of support

Audio recording of all calls, call reception statistics and detailed report