Hardware and software system SoftSwitch Рroху -«Automatic switching node»

This complex (SoftSwitch hardware and software complex “Universal Switching Node”) is a flexible, convenient system. This is a complete solution for the organization of telephone nodes. The complex can be used both for organizing a small office telephone exchange for 50 subscribers, and for building reference/transit switching nodes and signaling converters

On the basis of LLP KTCL, in partnership with Digital Country Network, a service has been launched to install and configure equipment for automatic telephone stations.

In the basic delivery, without the use of additional modules, a wide range of telephony services implementation services are provided for the enterprise.

In our arsenal there are:

АТС Mini

Convergent full-featured IP-PBX with a capacity of up to 300 subscribers for small and medium businesses


Converged full-featured IP-PBX with a capacity of up to 500 subscribers for medium-sized businesses

АТС Enterprise

Converged IP-PBX, optimized for large businesses and telephone operators

Enterprise PBX
“Universal Switching Node”

Enterprise IP-PBX, SoftSwitch (configured according to the Customer’s TK, has no restrictions on the form factor)

Depending on the required load, the hardware design may vary in accordance with the requirements of the customer.

Special functionts IP АТС Enterprise

High quality voice services

To ensure high-quality voice services, traffic prioritization mechanisms are used, jitter buffer parameters are configured and all major IP telephony codecs are supported.


The functions of the system of operational search activities (COPM) are supported in full compliance with state standards. Connection to the equipment of power structures is carried out via the E1 interface.

Telephone billing

Integrated voice traffic accounting system with flexible pricing mechanisms. Support accounting inter-operator interactions.

Unique advanced IP telephony solutions (on IP PBX Mini, Pro and PBX):

  • Corporate secure telephony network based on IP telephony;
  • IP telephony switch;
  • Session border controller;
  • Control and intelligent call routing;
  • Ability to integrate with mobile networks.

Fault tolerance: Clustering and Georeserving. (on IP PBX Pro and Enterprise)

Modern digital technologies (available on all devices):

  • Flexible configuration of algorithms;
  • Synchronization with external data sources and services;
  • Voice mail, Fax mail;
  • Auto Attendant;
  • Integration with external systems;
  • More than 50 additional intellectual functions.

Personal user account:

  • Each user is provided with a WEB account for monitoring and managing the services connected to it.

A wide range of subscriber devices:

  • Connection of telephone subscribers can be made both through a computer network, and by organizing analog ports through SIP gateways;
  • As subscribers' devices, IP phones and a installed on a computer phone application or mobile phone/tablet can be used.