Package of personal secretary service that works remotely.

Round-the-clock reception of calls received on corporate phones at any time convenient for you. Information about ALL CALLS from professional operators. Sorting of calls according to the criteria set by the CUSTOMER.

Advantages of the service

The operator handles calls around the clock and efficiently

Call processing in Russian and Kazakh language

Saving on the salary of a personal secretary, paying taxes, training, renting an office space, salary fund and telephony equipment

You receive a report on all received calls to your email account

Service is provided throughout the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Multi-channel, scalability of the attracted operators

You get a virtual city number with a redirect to the contact center number.

It is possible to create a “black” list.

You are provided with trained operators who process calls 24 hours a day, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, 7 days a week, without breaks and days off.

There is possibility of maintaining audio records, storing them and providing them to you on demand.

Within a minute after receiving and processing the call, the secretary sends a detailed report to your email address.

Payment for the Service is made at the end of the month and is included in a single account for telecommunication services of JSC Kazakhtelecom.

Each time the secretary receives a call, he is presented on behalf of your company and, in accordance with a script developed and agreed with you, conducts a conversation with the subscriber. The secretary clarifies the purpose of the call, tries to solve the incoming question without your participation, gives the phone number of the performers based on the nature of the call, informs the subscriber about your company, products and services, contact persons, etc.