Service Quality Assessment System

It is a specialized platform for assessing the quality of staff service. This
service will be useful for service enterprises, such as restaurants, clinics,
catering chains, garages, pharmacies, beauty salons, retail chains,
supermarkets, etc. This service allows directors, entrepreneurs, managers
to digitize and control the quality of service. Through our application, you
can look at the feedback from customers in the form of ratings and text
reviews and understand what actions regarding the quality of services
should be taken.


View votes statistics in real time

Create reports for any period of time in Excel format

See reviews and objections from each client

The platform is suitable for:


Cafes / Restaurants



Service Centers




Everything is simple and reliable:

There are no problems with registration for the client. Your client can leave
a review in just a couple of clicks. Simple and convenient real-time
statistics and reports panel.

Service results:

Increased sales as a result of developing and adjusting the quality of
service system.

Evaluation of employee professionalism.

Assessment of personnel compliance with existing standards.

Increase of customer loyalty.

Collection and analysis of textual customer reviews for further
improvement of the service.