Specially trained operators with soft collection work can convince client to pay off the debt and at the same time save his loyalty.

Work with debtors with our help will allow you:

Increase payment discipline

Increase cash flow

Get feedback to evaluate your client’s report

Formation of an adequate offer and the return of the debtor to the ranks of loyal users of your services

Ensure the maintenance of the subscriber base

Focus on the further development of business and your sphere of influence

Work with soft collection can be organized through contact-center in three ways:

IVR notification – debtors will get a call from automatic system, that reports about existing debt, indicates its size, deadlines and payment methods.

Debtors ring round – employees of Outsourcing Contact Center will call clients, remind about the debt and will find out causes of its origin.

Joint use of IVR-informing and operator’s call – at the first stage debtor will get a call from automatic system, at the second stage clients that did not respond to automatic system reminder in given time, will be contacted by operator.

On the basis of work, client will get a detailed report with marks about ring rounds or absence of ring rounds.