SAN – integrated software and hardware solution, conscripted to implement reliable data storage – operational, archival, segmented and provision of guaranteed access to them.

Generally, data storage is combined with their operational processing. In this situation storage of moderate volume data is carried out on server, which provides these data to users for processing, or processes them by itself – so called file, postal or servers for CCTV.

Flow of video data is processed on CCTV, video archive is recorded and stored. Upon selection of CCTV server number of parameters is taken into account: type and amount of video cameras, permission, amount of time of constant record, quantity of days of data storage, mode of service work (record/browsing) and others.

Use of given service will allow users partly or even fully refuse from support and from development own file and/or archive storages, moving electronic documents to “cloud” storage, hosted on “KT Cloud Lab” platforms.

Placement of virtual client servers happens on data storage processing base center LLP “KT Cloud Lab”, 100% daughter company of JSC “KazakhTelecom”, which is one of the safest and modernist data centers in republic and located in FEZ “Park of innovative technologies” in Almaty.