A telephone survey (CATI survey) is a fast and reliable way to get information from a target audience that is completely different in size and composition. With the help of an auto-call system, quality control, interview recording and metadata, you get dependable results of quantitative research.

Who will suit the service:

  • Ministries and Akimats
  • National Companies
  • Public or international organizations and foundations
  • Corporate business
  • SME (travel agencies, hotel business, shopping centers, FMCG , schools, online stores, etc.)

Survey types:

  • Marketing research

    A cost-effective way to collect the necessary information for further analysis

  • Identifying customer loyalty

    NPS analysis identifies priority competitive advantages and weaknesses of a product or service

  • Mystery shopper

    Calls under the guise of a «mysterious buyer»

  • Industry research

    Studying the attitude of companies to various specialized products or services, as well as obtaining expert assessments from competent representatives of enterprises

  • Telephone sociological survey

    The callers opinion on a particular social problem, a planned change or a new bill, is also an association with the brand

Advantages of the service

A well-established software and hardware complex that provides the possibility of 100% recording of interviews

Full-time interviewer operators specializing in working with B2B, B2C and VIP categories of respondents

Telephone surveys of clients throughout Kazakhstan in large and small cities, in all regions and districts

We have been conducting research for more than 10 years. Experienced project Managers

Tight deadlines for organizing and conducting surveys (it is possible to conduct a telephone survey of 1200 B2C respondents and analyze data in 10-15 working days)

Automatic formation of the contact database allows for random selection of respondents

100% quality control of filling out questionnaires and compliance of respondents with the desired target audience

Getting survey questionnaire

Automation of dialing

Operator training and project launch

Calling report generation


According to the results of the research, the Customer receives:

1. Excel data table in the general distribution and cross-tables by:

  • Gender and age
  • Education
  • Marital status
  • The region of the country and the type of settlement
  • Employment, field of activity and income
2. Analytical report with data visualization (graphs, charts, charts) of survey results (generalization, conclusions of large data sets) in PowerPoint, Word, PDF format (optional).