Telephone sales – making outgoing calls, on the basis of real and potential customers in order to sell goods and services of the Customer, on the basis of telephone numbers of the Customer. Appointment of meetings or transfer of data of customers interested in buying in electronic form to the Customer

Advantages of the service

Getting an additional sales channel – professionally trained negotiators working for your project

Saving your time for business development

Expanding the customer base and sales geography – our team will cope with the task of any scale

Calling customers without breaks and weekends in Russian and Kazakh language (English at the request of the Customer)

Demonstration of a low bounce rate

Saving your own funds on licensed software, equipment, rental and maintenance of employees

Turning cold customers into warm interlocutors

Create and coordinate with you a database of potential customers.

Training of specialists for your project.

Call potential customers of your company and identify the need for services or goods.

Consultation on the product and, if necessary, acceptance of the order by a specialist.

Preparation of a detailed report on the work done in a convenient form for you.

Individual approach to each project and budget.

Guarantee of complete confidentiality of all client data.